Here some pictures of a weekend trip I did to London last February with a friend of mine.
We hace a really amazing time walking around London streets and (of course) stopping to do our shopping xD  :)

We stayed in a hotel near Oxford Street (can't remember it's name now) so it was just perfect for us, as it's just near some of the best stores!
In spite we didn't stay long, we managed to go all the shops we wanted to go (of course, I would've LOOOVEEED a longer visit to Oxford Circus's Topshop Flagship Store but, later this October I went again and visited it with a bit more time heheheh. Anyway, I hope soon enough I'll be able to go again and enjoy further shopping (and more Starbucks hot chocolates!)

Aren't you diying to know what that bag was carrying? ^^

Fantastic views from London Eye

London underground snapshot!

This last picture is a summary of our trip!

Bag - ZARA
Blue Coat - Dorothy Perkins (a purchase I made there)
Grey coat - Mango
Blouse - Zara
Pants - Zara

P.D. : There's a bag I haven't shown in these pictures... Guess what did I get?

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